DFYSaaS CEO and VP to Attend Small Business Summit 2022

Ontario, October 6, 2022 /PR – DFYSaaS is pleased to announce that its CEO Usman Tariq and VP of Marketing Diacre Bayishime will head to Metro Toronto Convention Centre in two-week times to represent the agency at The Small Business Summit 2022 on October 26th. They will look to make new partnerships and network with Canadian small & medium enterprise owners to help them embrace digital disruption.


Several renowned speakers are likely to participate in the third-largest tech hub in North America. The event aims to help entrepreneurs grow and succeed by bringing them together to learn and network with other business owners and make Canada a better place.


It will be a terrific opportunity for small and medium enterprises to exploit DFYSaaS’ capabilities that can help them thrive in the digital age by overcoming the risks of doing business in the fiercely competitive environment. All while celebrating Small Business Month, which marks the efforts of those who embark on the untracked journey of creating their own business. 

Besides meeting with Canadian small and medium enterprise owners, DFYSaaS executives are also awaiting to connect with investors to achieve strategic business goals.


It’s a terrific opportunity to network and build long-lasting relationships across a multitude of industries facing the same issues but struggling to tackle them. The purpose is to provide SMEs with the much-needed support and solutions to help them shift their perspective on digital transformation and generate the results they can.


About DFYSaaS

The DFYSaaS team is your reliable partner for building, launching, and scaling SaaS solutions. The Canadian agency helps SaaS startups and enterprises see their business in a totally different light by delivering where others are failing.

We define ourselves by taking care of details, being transparent, establishing frequent communication, and managing projects efficiently. We accomplish all of this without exceeding your budget or schedule. This results in a faster time to market, an improved workflow, and a lower project cost.

Small Business Summit 2022

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