DFY SaaS Set to Attend Collision Conference 2022 in Toronto

Ontario, June 20, 2022 /PR – DFY SaaS, a software development agency specializing in SaaS development and marketing, is thrilled to announce that we’ll be attending the Collision Conference 2022 from June 20 – 23 in Toronto. Our CEO, Usman Tariq, and VP of Marketing Diacre Bayishime will represent us at North America’s fastest-growing tech conference alongside leading executives worldwide.

Collision Conf is the largest conference of its kind where over 35,000 attendees from 140+ countries will gather this year to hear 600+ speakers, including Zapier’s Mike Knoop, Calendly’s Tope Awotona, GitHub’s Thomas Dohmke to celebs like Lupita Nyong’o, NBA all-star & entrepreneur Carmelo Anthony, and many more. It’s a great platform for startup companies to share their growth story and vision in hopes of meeting potential investors and key partners who share the same goal.

The mega event will host 1,250+ startups, 850+ investors, 200+ partners, and more than 1200 journalists from all over the globe. It’s a terrific opportunity for tech entrepreneurs to get their big breakthroughs.

“Collision Conf is all about empowerment, which is what we have observed attending the conference in the past,” said Usman Tariq, CEO of DFY SaaS. “It offers unique networking and partnership opportunities for tech startups to grow their business. That’s why we are really excited to attend the conference this year and have devised a focused strategy to make the most of the experience.”

DFY SaaS representatives will be looking forward to:

  • Exploring the bold network of startup founders to connect with some of the most successful tech businesses striving to level the playing field.
  • Uncovering new opportunities to develop partnerships with early-stage tech startups seeking professional assistance or resources to thrive.
  • Learning from inspirational keynotes and experiential learning that provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to grow.

About DFY SaaS

DFY SaaS is the dependable partner to build, launch, or scale SaaS solutions that deliver a superior experience and help scale revenue growth. Based out of Canada, DFY SaaS help early-stage SaaS startups and enterprises envisage their business in an entirely new way by delivering where others miss the mark.

Our love for detail, complete transparency, frequent communication and keen project management is what distinguishes us. We can accomplish all this and more without going beyond your budget and calendar. Resultantly, you get to see improved workflow, low project costs and quick time to market.



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