Timeframe for SaaS App Development by a SaaS Company

Your choice of platform will affect the level of effort and time needed to create a fully functioning SaaS app. Being an experienced SaaS development company, we believe that nearly all platforms require a firm time commitment. However, there are fragmentation issues when building apps for a wider array of devices. 

With years of experience developing web apps, we are well familiar with current challenges and how to overcome them.

Considerations to Develop a SaaS When You Hire a SaaS Development Company

Here are a few considerations that typically determines how long it takes to build a SaaS application. 

  • Complexity

Time horizons are also determined in part by how well the mobile app developer understands your idea. For example, a simple application, such as a copy of an existing app, can be understood and implemented easily by developers. Nevertheless, you should spend more time laying out your concept if you are building a new and unique app. 

As a leading SaaS development company, we believe it is imperative since a better understanding result in a better app. DFY SaaS pays special attention to understanding and exploring the scope of each mobile app concept before initiating development.

  • Features

The features you wish to have in your mobile application also affect the duration of building it. A feature rich app takes longer to develop. What kind of feature you want to include in your application, also matters. Depending on the complexity of its functionality, some features are simple to implement while others need more work and time.

Having a complex app idea and incorporating complex functionalities can be risky! There is a possibility that you invest a large amount of money in it, but it fails to yield the expected results. The best way for our clients to overcome this loss of time, energy, and money is to build an MVP. 

Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) are designed with a limited feature set. More importantly, they help identify the market scope and gain feedback for future product development. In the event that your first version of the app fails, you can modify it using the feedback you gained. 

However, subsequent releases could include other features if it achieves their goal. While this is time-consuming, it is profitable, says SaaS development company.

  • Targeted Audience

A mobile app for a few users, like 500, involves fewer factors than one for a larger audience, like 50,000. In our view, an application aimed at a broader audience requires additional investments in architecture, infrastructure, performance testing, and tuning. Such factors further extend the development time for an application.

We believe that a stable and fully functional app is more likely to succeed than a crashing one released sooner. So, we dedicate time and effort to performing all the tests and ensuring the app adheres to all the KPIs.

SaaS App Development Process

The development time you require significantly depends on the development process you choose. Having a good process can help you plan, design, develop, and test your project on schedule. However, an inefficient process can result in an imbalance.

As a SaaS development company, DFY SaaS uses agile methodology. It enables our development team and clients to work together to develop requirements and solutions. These methodologies generally facilitate: 

  • Adaptive planning 
  • Evolutionary development 
  • Prior delivery 
  • Continuous improvement 

Using this approach is ideal for complex projects were customer needs change frequently. Moreover, we prefer to develop different modules simultaneously instead of handling them one after the other. The goal is to accomplish as many outputs as possible in a shorter period.

Frequent Communication

A client and development company must remain in contact throughout the process to achieve better results. The development phase is likely to move slower if the client and development team cannot communicate frequently. And delays can prolong the process.

To maintain communication and speed up the development process, we are always willing to go the extra mile every time.

Summing Up

As you can see from the factors above, developing a high-quality SaaS app isn’t an easy task! A SaaS app that stands out in the app market requires a lot of time, effort, money, and strategy. However, if you partner with the right agency and keep these pointers in view, you will succeed. 

Pick an agency by choosing the one that has an outstanding portfolio, quality developers, and long-standing history. Facebook groups and Google searches are other ways to compile a list of potential agencies. And make sure to have a discovery call with your potential partner before you put things into black and white. 

Please contact us with any further questions you may have regarding SaaS app development.

Struggling to Get Your SaaS Idea Off the Ground

DFY SaaS can help you avoid costly pitfalls by building in the right way from the start, so you can go the extra mile and increase your chances for success.

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