How to Find the Perfect Tech Co-Founder for Your SaaS Startup?


You have a terrific SaaS startup idea. You are totally convinced about the potential. In fact, you are already living the idea. You can’t wait to get started and create something utterly new that will change the world! And more than turning this idea into reality, you want to find a co-founder or technical partner who has the same belief in this idea as you do. And together, you will take on the world. 

Get the picture? I bet you certainly do!

However, coming up with a great idea isn’t enough for an entrepreneur to build a successful startup. You may have a $100,000 idea, a winning business plan, venture capitalists are willing to fund your venture, potential users can’t wait to get their hands on your product or service, but that’s just 50 percent of the work without co-founders for a saas startup. You might be able to handle everything pertaining to marketing and sales, but who will handle the technical side of the business? 

Here’s Why You Need to Find a CTO, Technical Partner or co-founders for a saas startup?

The first thing that dawn on entrepreneurs when they get into a new business, is to engage freelance developers to develop the SaaS product. Frankly, a lot of startups and small businesses are using this approach. However, if you aren’t technically sound or don’t have a tech lead on your team, it will be challenging to create a scalable MVP (minimum viable product) using this approach.

Different Ways to Solve this Problem. You may find:

  • Technical Co-Founder:

    A tech founder has one of the central roles in a company. The individual is responsible for handling all the tech-related processes and gets a share in the overall profit. In such a case, the person will also call you the company’s co-founder—a non-technical co-founder, to be precise. 

  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO):

    The particular individual will be your hired technical director. 

  • Tech Partner:

    In this scenario, an outsourcing team will take care of all your mainstream development—not just as a contractor but considering everything your business needs.  

Once you determine who exactly you are looking for—you can commence the search for the ideal candidate. Or perhaps you have already done that but haven’t succeeded? 

Whatever the case may be, here’s how you can find a perfect co-founder or technical partner for your SaaS startup. 

  • Personal Network 

One of the effective ways to hire a professional and reliable technical partner without burning stages is by asking your family or acquaintances to refer one. It’s an excellent way to ensure that this will be the best next chapter of your life before entering into a contract. 

There are countless reasons why this idea works better than approaching friends from work/school or every single computer science Ph.D. Since you are never sure about the quality of work, and you lack the ability to train them prior to onboarding. Consequently, you may miss out on crucial details that may be second nature to a full-time employee or technical director.     

Plus, it is less likely that someone is motivated enough to work on your idea outside of their own work or study schedule.

In contrast, partner companies such as DFY SaaS have already earned credibility in the industry by driving results for SaaS companies. So, you are always certain that your project is in good hands. The experienced and knowledgeable teams at these firms have the coding ability, knack to complete and deliver projects on schedule and within budget, management skills, the experience of co-founders for a saas startup, and more to tackle the technical side of your business quickly and efficiently.  

  • Online Resources 

Besides your personal network, there are several great online resources where you can connect with potential tech partners simply by creating a profile. Here we have provided a short and non-exhaustive list of such online resources that prove helpful in this hunt: 


  • Local Networking Events and Meetups 

You can always go to local networking events or meetups for entrepreneurs. These groups are a great way to meet like-minded people and entrepreneurial individuals who may have gone through the same kind of ordeal that you are currently experiencing. You can share your problems with them and get helpful solutions. 

To reach out to these individuals, you can check out your local chamber of commerce or use a platform like   

Struggling to Get Your SaaS Idea Off the Ground

DFY SaaS can help you avoid costly pitfalls by building in the right way from the start, so you can go the extra mile and increase your chances for success.

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