Benefits of Outsourcing to App Development Companies

Canada’s low population and unassuming reputation often make it seem small next to a giant like the United States. Yet there is much to say about the country’s riches, including Toronto app development companies

Canada is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the North. With its rapidly growing tech industry still somewhat untapped, US-based businesses can utilize top talent at a relatively lower cost.

While it’s true that Canada is known for hockey and Tim Horton’s coffee, there is so much more the country can offer. For example, it is the birthplace of the Java programming language and has also emerged as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) lately.

Of course, the population isn’t as large as India’s. Despite this, Canada is generally at the forefront of technology, where business users and developers interact closely. 

The following are some benefits of hiring Toronto app development companies:


  • Educational Advancement

Canada has some of the best universities in the world. Thus, there is a wealth of highly talented tech workers. For instance, the Toronto-Waterloo region is the largest tech cluster in the north outside of Silicon Valley. 

It would be a grave error to overlook the vast talent pool waiting in the north. Moreover, this region has made a mark for itself because of the top startup, green tech, and fintech ecosystem.

  • Top Level Skills

Toronto app development companies offer the expertise that will exceed your expectations. 

Thanks to the high-quality tech workers in these companies that are taking software solutions to the next level. Moreover, the density of these tech workers is comparable to Silicon Valley and far higher than those in New York and Seattle. 

Huge thanks to the Canadian government that has tailored an immigration system to attract and retain highly skilled immigrants. That’s why tech talent shortage has never been an issue for Canada. 

But Canada is not just a top destination for talent. It holds the reputation of a state where business gets done. 


  • Reduced Costs

IT outsourcing was designed to help enterprises reduce costs. Although it’s not the primary driver of nearshoring or offshoring, it still plays a significant role in both.

Outsourcing development to Canada offers American companies highly favorable currency exchange rates. Since the Canadian dollar is trading below the US dollar, development costs can be significantly lower. It means you can get much more for your money in Canada than in the US.

  • Saving Potential

By outsourcing to Canada, US companies gain access to skilled developers willing to work at lower wages.

An American business, for instance, can outsource software development projects to Canadian agencies for $52 per hour on average. In contrast, according to Indeed, the same type of work could cost you $87 per hour on average when you hire American IT professionals.


  • The Language They Speak is English

Outsourcing software development projects to Canada is also advantageous because most Canadians speak English fluently, making it easy for American clients to communicate with their outsourced developers. Mind you. Language is a significant barrier when it comes to outsourcing software projects.

  • Assurance of Reliability and Security

The IT outsourcing market in Canada is considered one of the safest in the world, especially for companies based in the United States. 

The stable economy, legal protections, and reliable cyberinfrastructure make Canada an ideal choice for businesses. In addition, when needed, Canadian software developers can provide labor and services.

  • Time Zone

Outsourcing app development to countries like India, China, or the Philippines can be tempting when looking for software solutions. The continent is home to many talented engineers who are eager to work. However, it is still unclear whether outsourcing so far away is positive or negative when working entirely online.

Right next door, Canada shares a similar time zone to major US cities. This makes it easy for US-based companies to engage in cross-border collaboration and videoconferencing more often. Since the time difference between the US and Canada is only two hours. It means US companies can communicate with the development teams throughout the workday.

In addition, it is easy to fill talent gaps when you have high-quality and affordable software engineers at your disposal. The software development cycle can also be made more predictable with this approach. Thanks to fast-paced and responsive communication, it becomes simpler to work with engineers and keep issues and delays at bay. 

  • The Culture

Canadians are known for being really nice people. Though there’s debate over whether the stereotype is true, Canadians are generally more altruistic than Americans. Of course, that’s ideal when building something crucial as your business’ backbone, isn’t it?

In addition, this creates an opportunity for empathy, which is an essential aspect of working with any development company. To achieve the best results, you need to work with a team that understands your business inside out. 

It should also see beyond verbalized goals and what your software solution needs.


  • The Canadian Tech Industry isn’t Mature

Think again if you thought Canada was not a technology leader. The startup scenes in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are as vibrant as those in Silicon Valley.

A number of tech giants have sprung up in Canada, including Avigilon, Bench, and Hootsuite. Canadian startups and companies focus primarily on artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), cybersecurity, fintech, e-commerce, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

  • No Control Over Outsourced Project

Another common myth is that US companies may benefit from outsourcing to Toronto app development companies, but they may lose control of their projects. Because their involvement in the development process is indirect. However, agencies like DFY SaaS always keep their foreign clients informed.

By keeping clients informed about deliverables and end goals, we maintain 100 percent transparency.  

  • Issues with Infrastructure

It is vital to ensure that your facilities are compatible with the IT tools provided by the outsourced company if you wish to outsource your work to them. Alternatively, you might have to pay your developer team more for extra work.

But that’s not the case with Canada. The software development agencies in the region use the latest tools compatible with US facilities. So when outsourcing to Canada, there is a slim chance of facing any infrastructure issues.  

The Takeaway

Engaging Toronto app development companies could be a smart move for any business. The technology sector in Canada is growing exponentially, allowing businesses to hire skilled software developers at significantly lower prices than their American counterparts while maintaining a level of quality accomplished by US-based developers. 

If you’re looking for a top software development company, consider DFY SaaS. Here’s a two-minute video that explains how the Canadian agency can add massive value to your business.

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