Tips to Choose a SaaS Development Services Provider


Software as a Service (SaaS) has the power to change how a business operates. Thus, it’s crucial to make sure that you choose the right SaaS development Services Provider for your business. Below are the three common areas in which SaaS generally falls. 

  • Reliability 
  • Sustainability 
  • Security 

When assessing a SaaS provider, here is what businesses should do: 


Ascertain Reliability of SaaS development Services Providers

Most SaaS development Services Providers around the globe take great pride in being available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Generally, high availability reflects that the provider has some level of disaster recovery or fault tolerance in place to assure availability in the event of a great misfortune. 

When it comes to selling propositions, a SaaS provider may also refer to ‘uptime,’ which represents the amount of time their services are online. In contrast, downtime might include things, such as scheduled maintenance. However, it does not cover ‘intermediate issues,’ like internet routing problems that bar users from accessing their data and applications. When going through a provider’s availability figures, don’t forget to ask how it is measured and consider all aspects of downtime that could affect your business.


Opt for Service Level Agreement      

When you approach SaaS development Services Provider, they may offer you different performance levels and availability at different price scales. It would be best to discuss these price levels and corresponding prices as they are a significant part of negotiation when you are about to enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Here’s what a Service Level Agreement should provide: 

  • Clearly define downtime and availability.
  • Provide a complete list of all the services. 
  • Define availability for each service and downtime limits. 
  • Mention procedures to report any loss of downtime and service. 
  • Provide notification requirements. 

It is pretty likely that some of these determinants may not be important to your business, so there is no harm in considering additional ones that you may deem suitable for your company. 


Check Reputation and Industry Position 

Having a good repute is perhaps the most valuable thing in the service market. For this reason, each SaaS provider strives to project a sterling reputation to win contracts. As a result, many fail to recognize the real industry position of the SaaS providers and end up working with a fraudulent provider. 

To evade the costly pitfall, look for SaaS providers with a long-standing history. Someone who enjoys an excellent reputation. Check the richness of the service offerings, financial solvency, independent reviews, and what expert analysts say about them.   


Dive Deeper to Assess Security Offerings 

Leveraging a SaaS model means a third party will host your all-important data, and you have to access it through the internet. It calls up a series of privacy and security concerns that require judicious planning. So, when you embark on the journey to search for a potential SaaS provider, dive deeper to explore their security features. Find out:

  • If they have the desired redundancy for fault tolerance and data storage? 
  • What technical security safeguards do they have in place in the event of a misfortunate? 
  • Do they follow any ethical guidelines to ensure your privacy?  

Struggling to Get Your SaaS Idea Off the Ground

DFY SaaS can help you avoid costly pitfalls by building in the right way from the start, so you can go the extra mile and increase your chances for success.

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