Top 5 Web App Development Trends Listed

As a leading SaaS app development company, 2021 has been a year of transformation for us. Especially, if you look at the rate at which web application development is accelerating. Without a doubt, the demand for user-friendly web apps has greatly soared. However, when building an app, certain factors define and add to an application’s success. 

Today, users look forward to the look and feel of the app and how its design matches its features. More importantly, how the app performs on different platforms. For this reason, the development of web apps shouldn’t be limited to smartphones alone. Rather users should be able to run them on any browser, PC, laptop, or other mobile devices. 

That said, the process of transforming an idea into a successful web application can cause a serious dilemma. For instance, which type of web application should you develop? What technology stack should you choose to make it a success? Lastly, hiring the right development team to complete the task quickly and efficiently. 

Remember, building a web app is not just about UI or UX. Instead, it entails maintenance, stability, and security. To attain these tasks, you need a dependable SaaS development agency. While you’re busy managing your business, the development agency will decide which technologies are right for your web application.

Let’s expand on the top trends for web apps and how it can turn your business around!

Top Web App Development Trends Handed by a SaaS App Development Company 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps (or PWAs) are not a new phenomenon. Modern developers and investors are attracted to this technology due to its potential to provide a high-quality user experience, an experience similar to native apps.

About 65% of online purchases back in 2019 were made through mobile devices. PWAs make it possible to access your favorites on a mobile device or desktop without downloading apps. 2022 will see PWAs written in HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. In addition to a great user experience and accessing content offline, PWA sends push notifications too.

Who can benefit from the latest website technologies? 

News platforms, e-commerce companies, and businesses with low budgets who wish to reach more people can benefit greatly. Since they won’t lose potential users on app download stages using this technology. Also, PWAs can change the money algorithm in the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Bots and Artificial Intelligence 

How will web development evolve in the future? Bots are likely to become more self-learning in the coming year and match particular users’ needs and behavior. Therefore, many companies will be able to save money by using 24/7-operating bots to replace support managers.

Over the next decade, chatbots will continue to serve people as the most common instrument for digital development.

Companies – such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype – use the technology to serve their customers. Additionally, bots could be integrated into PWAs, regular websites, professional or household equipment, or any commercially available app.

Web design trends, including UX, will also be affected by bots’ rise. In the past, advancements in AI and machine learning technology are constantly increasing the demand for VAs. This isn’t just about visual experience or product serving algorithms, t’s also about useful sound design.

A significant advantage of AI-based bots is their constant problem-solving potential, human-like experiences, and ability to analyze consumer behavior.  

As a result, every top SaaS app development company is embracing this trend one way or the other.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, is another trend in web development. Essentially, it makes the page load faster and decreases the chance of a user leaving. AMP is similar to PWA. Thanks to the open-source plugin from Twitter and Google, pages become faster.

AMPs enable users to access fast and simple pages with fewer features than a full-scope web page. Additionally, their content is always readable on mobile devices.

Web design trends such as AMP development indicate that the Internet is becoming more user-friendly. Although we have 5G Internet technology, most brands still invest in native apps to offer better user experiences. 

With AMP plugins, companies can cut costs on UX and reach users no matter what Internet speed they use. Consequently, smaller and niche products will compete successfully with market leaders.    

Single Page Application (SPA)

Today, with high-speed Internet standards, one cannot imagine getting stuck on an approach like clicking on various buttons or other web page actions. 

Single page application, also known as SPA, is another hot trend that helps avoid seamless communication with the server. It has a better page performance and offers a high data protection level. 

Thanks to JavaScript frameworks, SPAs are swiftly gaining popularity. Every other SaaS development company recommends this technology to their clients. 

When working with SPAs, it’s not unusual to intercept particular browser events and request JSON. Pages such as Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Drive and social networking sites like Facebook belong to this kind. Considering the latest web app trends, it seems evident that functional websites in the future will be SPAs. 

Why would developers embrace SPA in 2022? SPAs have more chances to attract users since they’re fast operating. For example, SPA provides users with quick feedback compared to traditional sites. Also, single-page sites consume less and can appropriately work without server-side code.

Voice Search Optimization

Web app development future will have less text and more voice. This means voice commands or searches will go beyond virtual multifunctional home assistants like Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. And sooner more than 50% of all smart and IoT devices will execute commands given by voice. Above all, these devices will be able to recognize the voices of various people. In addition, they will provide a personalized AI-based experience for every person. 

We will see more voice optimization for regular apps and websites in web app development. Powered by AI, voice search optimization will benefit both owners and end-users. 

Firstly, it will save time and empower users to order more. Secondly, it will make multitasking more convenient. Thirdly, it will allow brands to gain users’ loyalty as it aids them in coping with their hectic routine. And finally, voice commands are a powerful source for analyzing users’ behavior.    

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